Regional Flexible Comprehensive Education (Seutu-JOPO)

The Flexible Comprehensive Education (JOPO) programme started in 2006, when the Finnish Ministry of Education granted funds for a project that aimed to combat academic under achievement, early school dismissal and social expulsion. The JOPO project entailed the assemblage of a tailored study mode that draws on hands-on and work-based-learning. The results of the initial project were strong enough for JOPO to be cemented in the National Finnish Comprehensive Education Curriculum in 2009.

Since then, regional collaboration and sharing of best practices has become an ever more integral part of JOPO. This collegial networking allows for both constant development of JOPO as well as economically effective ways of organising thematic learning activities in collaboration with other regional JOPO actors.

In 2013, the founding organisers of JOPO in Central Finland came together as Seutu-JOPO (Regional JOPO) . The regional JOPO has worked effectively on developing and standardising best practices within JOPO in Central Finland in relation to the new National Curriculum (OPS2016). Since JOPO is heavily dependent on continuous collaboration with local business and other surrounding communities, the main emphasis in running JOPO is placed on ’giving back to the community’. This emphasis has been taken to a new level within Regional JOPO.


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